2022 Honorary Degree Recipients

DECEMBER 12, 2022

William J. Clinton, USA

William Jefferson Clinton, served as the 42nd President of the United States of America | READ MORE

Honorary Degree Citation

“In recognition of his lifetime of public service and extraordinary leadership; for his promotion of democracy, advocacy of human rights and humanitarian assistance; for tackling pressing national and global challenges and improving the lives of millions of people around the globe through the Clinton Foundation; for advancing policies and programs worldwide that promote equality, environmental sustainability, economic opportunities and equitable healthcare services for all – values that align with the University of Haifa’s mission; and for being a true friend of the State of Israel.”

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“In recognition of his 

Prof. John E. Sexton, USA

Prof. John Edward Sexton served as the fifteenth President of New York University, from 2002 to 2015 | READ MORE

Honorary Degree Citation

In recognition of his visionary leadership and transformative contributions as Dean of the Law School and President of New York University; for pioneering the “global network university” promoting cross-cultural sensitivity and offering students and faculty opportunities to engage in innovative research at over a dozen campuses in idea capitals on six continents; for devoting efforts to advancing educational opportunities for the world’s poor and refugee populations; for founding the Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education and establishing and chairing the President’s Council of the University of the People; and in appreciation of his staunch support for academic freedom.”

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“In recognition of his 

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Marina Abramović, USA

Marina Abramović was born in Belgrade, Serbia on November 30, 1946 to parents who were important Yugoslav Partisans during World War II.

Abramović was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade from 1965 to 1970. She completed her post-graduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, SR Croatia in 1972. Then she returned to Serbia and, from 1973 to 1975, she taught at the Academy of Fine Arts at Novi Sad, while implementing her first solo performances.

From the beginning of her career, spanning over four decades, Marina Abramović  has pioneered performance art, creating some of the form’s most important early work. The body has always been both Abramović’s subject and medium. Exploring her physical and mental limits in works that ritualize the simple actions of everyday life, she has withstood pain, exhaustion and danger in her quest for emotional and spiritual transformation. She has explored new notions of identity by bringing in the participation of observers and highlighting the role of the public. Abramović’s works deal the endless possibilities of the human mind and the question of man’s confrontation with the unknown, while tirelessly exploring the relationship between the artist and the audience.

Abramović was awarded the Golden Lion for Best Artist at the 1997 Venice Biennale for the video installation and performance “Balkan Baroque.” In 2008, she was decorated with the Austrian Commander Cross for her contribution to Art History. In 2013, the French Minister of Culture accepted her as an Officer to the Order of Arts and Letters. In addition to these and other awards, Abramović also holds multiple honorary doctorates from institutions around the world, including the Royal Academy in London. In 2021, Abramović was awarded the Golden Medal for Merits from the Republic of Serbia.

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“In recognition of his 

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In 2010, Abramović had her first major U.S. retrospective and simultaneously performed for over 700 hours in “The Artist is Present” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in what is to this day the largest exhibition of performance art ever held at the museum. Over her extensive career, she staged countless performances in the most prestigious museums and stages around the world.

In 2012, Abramović founded the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI), a platform for immaterial and long durational work to create new possibilities for collaboration among thinkers of all fields.

In 2021, only a few months before the beginning of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, Marina created “The Crystal Wall of Crying” at the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center to commemorate the Jewish lives lost at the Babyn Yar massacre. A few months later this site was bombed, but the memorial remains in tact.

The University of Haifa is proud to award an honorary doctorate to Marina Abramović, in recognition of her life’s work as a daring artist, a role model and a source of inspiration for young artists in general and female artists in particular, and for the powerful emotional experience, she provides the audience through her works, which leads them on a path of unique and consciousness-changing experiences.

In 2023, the Marina Abramović Institute will partner with The University of Haifa to present young long durational performance artists.

Moshe Safdie, USA

Moshe Safdie is an architect, urban planner, educator, theorist, and author. Over a celebrated 60-year career, Safdie has explored the essential principles of socially responsible design through a comprehensive and humane design philosophy. His wide range of completed projects include cultural, educational, and civic institutions; neighborhoods and public parks; housing; mixed-use urban centers and airports; and master plans for existing communities and entirely new cities. Safdie’s projects can be found in North and South America, the Middle East and throughout Asia.

A citizen of Israel, Canada and the United States, Safdie graduated from McGill University. In 1964 he established his own firm to realize Habitat ’67, an adaptation of his undergraduate thesis and a turning point in modern architecture.

Safdie has been the recipient of numerous awards, honorary degrees, and civil honors including the Companion of the Order of Canada, the Gold Medal from both the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the American Institute of Architects, the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian, and recently the Wolf Prize in Architecture—awarded for a career motivated by the social concerns of architecture and formal experimentation.

Prof. Bertil Andersson, Sweden

JUNE 20, 2022

Elie Horn, Brazil

Elie Horn is the Founding Partner and Chairman of Cyrela Brazil Realty, recognized as one of the largest building and real estate companies in Brazil. He is a staunch friend of the State of Israel and a generous philanthropist, and he and his wife Susy became the first Brazilians to sign the Warren Buffett Giving Pledge, in which they pledged to contribute 60% of their wealth to charitable causes over their lifetimes.

Elie Horn is a longtime friend of the University of Haifa and has served on the University’s Board of Governors for many years. His love of Jewish texts and traditions led him to establish HaGaon M’Vilna Campus Synagogue and support numerous Jewish educational programs and scholarships strengthening Jewish life on campus.

Recently, the University announced a transformational commitment by Mr. Horn to establish the Ahavat Olam Scholarship Program, the largest donation ever made in Israel for student scholarships. The Program aims to strengthen Israeli society and ensure that young adults are given equal opportunities to succeed.

Excerpts from Citation:
“In recognition of his infinite giving spirit which led to a lifetime of selfless, dedicated and impactful philanthropy; for his support of the State of Israel and its people to whom he has shown great love; …for his ongoing commitment to the University of Haifa manifested in the extraordinary and transformational Ahavat Olam Scholarship Program … that will change for the better the reality of thousands of students… for his vision and involvement in enhancing Jewish life on campus with the establishment of the HaGaon M’Vilna Campus Synagogue and Kiruv Programs… and for his… leadership roles of the Brazilian and Global Jewish communities.”

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