Alexander Karpov

Member of Public Standing

Born and raised in the Soviet Union, Mr. Alexander Karpov came to Germany at the age of 21 having almost finished studies in Robotics at the university of Moscow and completed further studies in Economical and Industrial Engineering in Munich.

After finishing a Treasury Master Program, Alexander worked for 11 years as an equity fund manager and was instrumental in the formation of investments in the countries of Eastern Europe and Global Emerging Markets out of Germany.

Alexander and his family moved to Switzerland in 2007 where he started his entrepreneurial career. He has become an international financier and technology investor. Besides active investments in the agricultural sector in Eastern Europe, Alexander founded Renovatio Investment, a Swiss holding company that buys and invests in privately held businesses. 

He is a longstanding friend and supporter of the University of Haifa and served as a Board Member of the Swiss Friends until 2019.