2022 Honorary Degree Recipient

Prof. Bertil Andersson, Sweden

Prof. Bertil Andersson is a plant biochemist of international reputation and an expert in photosynthesis research. Over the course of his career, he served as Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences at Stockholm University (1996-1999), President of Linköping University (1999-2003), Chief Executive of the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg (2004-2007), Provost of Nanyang Technological University (2007-2011), and as President of Nanyang Technological University (2011-2017). Prof. Andersson also served on the boards of several Swedish and international foundations, including the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Australian Academy of Science, Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the European Molecular Biology Organization. He was a research advisor to the Government of Sweden and served as the VP of the European Research Advisory Board. Prof. Andersson has a longstanding association with the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, as a former member of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry, Nobel Foundation, and the Nobel Foundation’s Board of Trustees. For his exceptional contributions to science, he received the Wilhelm Exner Medal in Austria and honorary degrees from the University of Edinburgh, Australian National University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Excerpts from Citation:
“In tribute to his pioneering research of the ‘artificial leaf’;… for his inspiring leadership of Nanyang Technological University and Linköping University… for devoting his time to distinguished public roles;… and for his efforts in promoting research collaborations between the University of Haifa and other universities in Singapore and Sweden.”

Elie Horn, Brazil

Elie Horn is the Founding Partner and Chairman of Cyrela Brazil Realty, recognized as one of the largest building and real estate companies in Brazil. He is a staunch friend of the State of Israel and a generous philanthropist, and he and his wife Susy became the first Brazilians to sign the Warren Buffett Giving Pledge, in which they pledged to contribute 60% of their wealth to charitable causes over their lifetimes.

Elie Horn is a longtime friend of the University of Haifa and has served on the University’s Board of Governors for many years. His love of Jewish texts and traditions led him to establish HaGaon M’Vilna Campus Synagogue and support numerous Jewish educational programs and scholarships strengthening Jewish life on campus.

Recently, the University announced a transformational commitment by Mr. Horn to establish the Ahavat Olam Scholarship Program, the largest donation ever made in Israel for student scholarships. The Program aims to strengthen Israeli society and ensure that young adults are given equal opportunities to succeed.

Excerpts from Citation:
“In recognition of his infinite giving spirit which led to a lifetime of selfless, dedicated and impactful philanthropy; for his support of the State of Israel and its people to whom he has shown great love; …for his ongoing commitment to the University of Haifa manifested in the extraordinary and transformational Ahavat Olam Scholarship Program … that will change for the better the reality of thousands of students… for his vision and involvement in enhancing Jewish life on campus with the establishment of the HaGaon M’Vilna Campus Synagogue and Kiruv Programs… and for his… leadership roles of the Brazilian and Global Jewish communities.”

Honorary Doctorate Conferees
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